Saturday, August 29, 2009

Laundry day in Nyc

I guess I'm really unconventional...but I LOVE doing laundry.
I do, because you get a visible result, and let's face it: there's something about it that's just so purifying to the soul! 

I love the organization of it. The sorting before washing, the sorting to the dryer, the sorting to put away. While loading the washing machine today, the flat screen was airing Edward M. Kennedy's funeral.

"Ted" Kennedy, the last of the legendary three brothers, Senator for nearly a half century and leader of America's most famous family during tragedy and triumph.
A two hour Roman Catholic funeral Mass that captured my attention while I was busy folding my scented, crispy clean laundry.
The latest copy of "W magazine" featuring Kate Moss on the cover was left untouched. 
  Until I got home.

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Anonymous said...

ted kennedy was a great senator who fought to make the world a better place. part of an iconic american family and a true leader. it was surreal to be at home during his passing, mass and ri really have strong links with the kennedy's growing up with the family at restaurants and marinas it humanizes the image of the ''royal" family. it was a sad sad day and i hope to see patrick and other members of the political family step up on education and healthcare reform. his death really makes you think about how important the kennedy family has been--politically and socially....