Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eating Together, The New York Times Magazine

I really enjoyed reading The New York Times Magazine's "The FOOD Issue".

How the Food revolution - from farm to table - is really about seeding and savoring communities.

Village Organizer- THE CATCH
How one determined writer put a Maine Island on the Map - not only for its seafood, but also for
the people who catch it. 

Communal Table - THE 36-HOUR DINNER PARTY
One fire, many cooks.

Collaborative Consumption - THE COW- MUNITY
When sharing a steer with friends, you've got to be open to the heart.

Pop-up community center - PIE+DESIGN=CHANGE
Food can bring people together, but can it heal one of the poorest couties in Alabama?

Hasids, West Indians, hipsters and pizza. One Brooklyn restaurant thinks it's the perfect recipe.

Portfolio - FOOD GROUPS
The D.I.Y. movement has never tasted (or looked better). As these participants in the Eat Real Festival in Oaklan, Cali can attest, all you need is a Mason jar, your friends and a very sharp knife.

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